A website for autistic adults, their families and friends, for professionals, and anyone who wishes to learn more about the uniqueness of autism. This is a not-for-profit endeavor.

Focus on Adults
ASD is the acronym for Autism Spectrum Disorders. This site specifically covers subjects, resources, news, and more about the needs and wants of autistic adults.

Puget Sound and Beyond
AdultASD.org lists autism-related resources in the Puget Sound area of Washington State, plus information and items of interest to the Adult ASD community as a whole.

How It Works
The website’s navigation menus may duplicate items under more than one category listing. This is intended. You can also use “Search”, “Categories”, and “Tags” found in the right-hand column to navigate the site’s data.

Your Participation
AdultASD.org is a community-based website that depends on your input. Please send content or comments to admin@adultasd.org or via this form.