What is AdultASD.org?

AdultASD.org is a website with the primary mission to deliver information and resources that apply to adults on the autism spectrum residing in the Puget Sound region of Washington State and beyond.

Why focus on adults?

Over the past 20 years much attention has been paid to the needs of children on the autism spectrum. Now the focus is expanding to cover the needs and wants of autistic adults. The purpose of this site is to be a part of addressing that need.

Where does the content for this site come from?

You! The site is a container for information that you provide. We are fully dependent on you creating and updating the site’s listings.

How can I have an event or announcement posted on AdultASD.org?

Go to the “Contact Us” menu and send us your information at the listed email address … admin@adultasd.org.
For events, please provide the specifics as you want them listed. If needed we will verify the listing with you before posting.

How do I ensure I am getting current and accurate information?*

It is the responsibility of the individual website user to independently check on listed providers and on any informaton hosted on this websiten to validate accuracy, timeliness, and to ensure that a listing is the right fit for your circumstance and needs.

*NOTE: Listings on this website are not endorsements of any individual(s) or organization.

Do you accept all content contributed?

While we appreciate everyone who contributes, we filter content to ensure that the site maintains the intended clarity of focus. For any content not published, if we are aware of alternative publishing destinations, we will pass those along to the contributor.

How can I volunteer to assist with the website?

AdultASD.org is created and managed solely as a voluntary effort. Please send mail to admin@adultasd.org stating your interest and we will get back to you.

Are there plans to add additional features to this website?

Looking toward the near future, we are interested in adding the voice of the community by having people share:

  • Your “Stories”
  • Opinion Pieces | Essays
  • Profiles

We are open to any interesting suggestions for content!

Who owns the copyright if my submission is published?

You retain ownership of your material’s copyright.

If you contribute material, including images, to AdultASD.org, you thereby license it to us for publication. Never use materials that infringe on the copyrights of others. See the Terms and Conditions, copyright section.


Why do I see ads when reading content via the ISSUU reading tool?

To use the free version of the ISSUU.com document reading app a website must accept a small amount of advertising.

About Us

This site has been created as a volunteer effort by Renata Lac and Randy Rotter, parents of an autistic young adult. The initial content was culled from the now closed pioneering website, SeattleAspergers.org, created and maintained for many years by Helen Powell. Renata has 25 years of active involvement with the autism community. Randy is retired from the technology sector.