Effective Career Development Strategies for Young Artists with Disabilities

The Institute Brief 24

By:Heike Boeltzig, Rooshey Hasnain & Jennifer Sullivan Sulewski

One potential arena of employment for young people with disabilities is the arts. This brief reports on effective strategies that 47 young artists with disabilities used to gain access to arts-related experiences in order to further their educational and career pathways.

Across program years 2002–2005, these young artists, all aged 16 to 25, were finalists in the VSA arts/ Volkswagen of America, Inc. Program, an arts competition that was intended to showcase their talents and accomplishments. As part of the overall evaluation, we were able to identify career development strategies based on a review of finalists’ program applications. This brief is mainly targeted at visual artists, although the strategies may also apply to other groups of artists.

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Circle of Friends for Mental Health | Seattle

Circle of Friends for Mental Health
Circle of Friends for Mental Health provides caring support for adults in our community with mental health challenges through enriching, creative, and safe resources and interactions with the goal to improve the lives of people burdened with mental illness by providing them with ongoing programs in the visual arts, music, creative writing, drama, and photography.

Circle of Friends fosters health by staffing arts classes with university interns and community volunteers, and offering the classes free of charge to persons with mental illness. Artistic expression is a proven way to aid people in their recovery and self-healing.

Circle of Friends helps participants display their artwork at galleries, coffee shops and community venues. These supports provide our low-income community members with a modest financial compensation.

Website:  http://www.cofmentalhealth.org/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Circle-of-Friends-for-Mental-Health/141011739350073
Email:  carolyn.hale200@gmail.com
Phone:  (206) 525-0648

Contact: Rita Selin at (206) 547-9697
Seattle, WA

Drama Class: Ongoing Saturday morning drama class.

* New and used art supplies, musical instruments, etc. are always welcome.