Autism Spectrum Transitions Support Group

This group is for anyone on the autism spectrum (and their families) who is facing a transition – from high school to college – from college to career – and beyond. Join us – ask questions, and come to our meetings. Share with your friends and help us build a community.

FEAT Transition for Teens

The FEAT (Families for Effective Autism Treatment) Transitions for Teens program seeks to increase social competence and skills to help adolescents access and navigate their world.

The core curriculum is designed to build skills in self-determination, social/communication, self-advocacy, self-management, navigation, leisure, health, hygiene, safety, daily living, and academics.

Phone: (206) 763-3373

OLS-Venture Program at Bellevue College | Bellevue, WA

OLS-Venture is an accredited associate degree program at Bellevue College for students with intellectual disabilities. This program focuses on occupational skills, critical thinking, self determination, and critical life skills.

OLS is a 4 year program with service learning opportunities, community involvement, and vocational internship requirements. Students participate in enriched academic learning and social experiences that assist with the transition into adult work and daily life.