Dr. Daniel Kaufman

Personal and Family Coaching and Consulting

Dr. Daniel Kaufman, Certified Coach, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Educational Consultant.

Specializing in coaching adults with Asperger’s on social skills development, relationships and making the way through the world of work whether just entering the job market or dealing with the challenges of advancement to management or leadership roles.

Develop awareness of personal strengths and challenges and learn the skills and strategies necessary for success. Consults with families of special needs students on IEP’s, evaluations and 504 plans.

Thirty years as a special educator in both school psychologist and special education administrator roles.

Phone: (206) 408.7197
Email: drdankaufman@comcast.net

Elaine Duncan, MA, LMHC | Psychotherapist / Vocational Specialist

Elaine Duncan, MA, LMHC, psychotherapist/vocational specialist provides individual and couple counseling for those on the autism spectrum. Specializing in working with teens and adults on the spectrum, she understands the challenges of being on the spectrum in an “NT” world. Along with general mental health counseling, Elaine provides vocational/career counseling, and trauma treatment using EMDR. Elaine also provides a low-cost Asperger’s Screening for adults.

Feel free to call to discuss your needs:

Email: elaineaduncan@msn.com
Location: Redmond, WA
Web/Blog: www.counselingredmond.com
Phone: (425) 883-4939

Individualized Transition and Vocational Program

A new, structured transitional program for high school students and a structured vocational program for individuals seeking a career or job. Programs include vocational testing, coaching and training in job and college apps, resume writing, interviewing and job retention.

Location: Covington at the Mindsource Center
Phone: (425) 883-4939
Covington, WA 98042

Community Guides of Total Living Concept

Adults enrolled with the Division of Developmental Disabilities can access this service that assists with resource identification to develop community connections and involvement.

In Seattle contact, Melanie at:

Email: Melanie@totallivingconcept.org
Phone:  (206) 938-1546

In Kent and Auburn, WA, contact Keri at:

Phone: (253) 854-7663 ext 119