Autism Lifespan Project | Yahoo Group

A Yahoo Group first started in 2008.

Purpose: To discuss and share information about the varied needs of adults on the autism spectrum in the Puget Sound area. Parents, autistic adults, and professionals are welcome.

To Subscribe: Send a message to

Seattle NeoTypicals | Adult Asperger Friendship and Support Group

This group meets every other week in a comfortable and safe setting to enjoy discussion, friendship and Asperger-related media. Membership is limited and consistent. Must commit to regular attendance.

Cost: Free
Where: Seattle, WA
Email: for details.

My Home My Life Family Network

Join other families interested in networking and talking about housing options and ideas.

Sponsored by:  Washington Initiative for Supported Employment (W.I.S.E.).

Contact: Sherry McNary
Phone: (206) 343-0881 ext 121 or (206) 391-8200
Website: http://www.theiniti
Where: Meetings in various locations