Smart 911

When you call 9-1-1 today, the operator receives very little information about you – basically just your phone number and your general location.

In a situation where seconds count, being able to provide the operator with other critical information about you and your family the instant your call is made can be the difference between life and death.  Smart911 was created by leaders in the fields of privacy and information management with the firm belief that providing 9-1-1 with additional timely information about you when you call, can help speed and enhance the effectiveness of an emergency response. We are helping protect millions each and every day. Your safety is our business.

Smart911 is a service of Rave Mobile Safety, a leading provider of safety software solutions. Learn more about our company at Rave Mobile Safety.


Autism Risk & Safety Management

Autism training and resources for law enforcement, emergency first responders, parents, educators, care providers, and the autism community.

Autism  recognition, response and risk management training sessions will help law  enforcement, fire-rescue and emergency medical response, and criminal/juvenile  justice professionals recognize the behavioral symptoms and characteristics of  a child or adult who has autism, learn basic response techniques, learn about  the high risks associated with autism, and will offer suggestions, options and  specialized tactics about how to address those risks, increase officer and  citizen safety, and avoid litigation. The training can be tailored to meet the  needs of local communities and agencies.


Safety Skills for Asperger Women: How to Save a Perfectly Good Female Life | [Paperback]

by Liane Holliday Willey


See: Foreword

<excerpt> This was not an easy book for Liane to write. As I read the manuscript for Safety Skills for Asperger Women I could hear Liane’s voice and feel compassion for my friend, as she described her experiences as a girl, woman, and mother that included moments of vulnerability, despair, confusion and self-doubt. Clinicians tend to focus on the positive attributes of having Asperger’s syndrome, and there are many, but there are also aspects that need to be known, described by Liane as “the scary stuff” in order to, in Liane’s subtitle for this book, save a perfectly good female life. Her personal explanations and advice will resonate with the reader and transform and save lives.