White House Urged To Raise SSI Limits

White House Urged To Raise SSI Limits
By | April 19, 2013

A federal agency is calling on the president to raise the asset limit imposed on people with disabilities receiving Supplemental Security Income for the first time in decades.

In a letter to President Barack Obama this week, the chair of the National Council on Disability, Jeff Rosen, said significant updates to the SSI program are needed.

Currently, individuals receiving SSI benefits can have no more than $2,000 to their name at any given time, a limit that’s been in place since 1989. The council is asking the president to increase the amount to $10,000 with allowances for the figure to continue to rise with inflation. Additionally, the agency wants to see adjustments made to the way that SSI benefits are impacted when an individual earns money from a job, for example.

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Obama Budget Spares SSI Benefits

By  | April 11, 2013

Changes to the way Supplemental Security Income benefits for people with disabilities are calculated appear to be off the table — for the moment, at least.

White House officials said Wednesday that a proposal to adjust the way that cost-of-living increases are determined for Social Security benefits would exempt SSI and a handful of other programs.

The plan to switch to a formula known as chained CPI to account for inflation in calculating benefits was included in President Barack Obama’s budget proposal intended as a compromise in exchange for Republicans agreeing to tax hikes. But Obama administration officials said that SSI and other means-tested benefits would not be affected.

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SSI Information

The Arc of King County has an array of information regarding SSI (Supplemental Security Income) available at:

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